“Southern Insurance Consulting provides expert testimony in the field of insurance & offers assistance in all areas of insurance litigation.

We do not sell insurance.

– Van E. Hedges


Van Hedges, CPCU

Jack Williams, CPCU

Tom Quaka, CPCU

About Us

Southern Insurance Consulting (SIC) is a unique group of highly experienced insurance professionals who provide assistance to attorneys and law firms in connection with a wide range of insurance-related matters. With all three principals of the company possessing a broad expanse of knowledge in varying segments at the highest levels in the industry, SIC is your one source when it comes to providing expert testimony and litigation support for most of the major areas of insurance.

Legal cases involving the insurance industry encompass a complex set of highly technical issues. That’s why SIC provides expert testimony that explains industry-specific issues in an understandable, jury-friendly manner. Additionally, SIC works closely with your legal team to help you strategize for the best results. Each of the company’s three principals, Van Hedges, Tom Quaka and Jack Williams, have decades of direct experience and exceptional credentials in almost every aspect of the insurance industry.

SIC’s experts provide depth and insight into a wide range of issues in the insurance industry including coverage, industry standards and practices, agent and agency operations, company and managing general agency operations, underwriting, claims, errors and omissions and bad faith. With SIC, you’ll have expert testimony and professional support—all from one source—for your insurance related cases.

Areas of Expertise

Based on almost 150 years of collective, firsthand experience at all levels of the insurance industry, Southern Insurance Consulting (SIC) has gained particular expertise in many of the key areas in the field of insurance. SIC offers expert testimony and assistance to attorneys and their clients in most areas of insurance litigation including:

Coverage & Underwriting Issues

Company & Managing General Agency

Industry Standards & Practices

All Claim-Related Issues

Agent & Agency Operations

Errors & Omissions/Bad Faith